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If your main goal is to improve muscle appearance and mass, form is vital to achieving your desired results. While some other articles may tell you progressive overload, lighter weights with higher intensity sets, or higher weights with lower intensity are the best to grow muscle, none of them come in comparison to form. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or a weightlifter to start claiming all the benefits of weightlifting. In summary, weightlifting improves your strength, muscle definition, and bone density. Some studies have shown it can also help with losing body fat. Why is form so important? Improper form can lead to stagnant muscle growth. Even worse, it can cause injury. Listed below is how to achieve proper form for weightlifting.

Seek help:
The first step to achieving proper form for any weightlifting exercise is to seek a personal trainer or online forums with diagrams on how to perform an exercise. No one was born how to properly execute every exercise, and one exercise can have many variations. For example, squats have many different variations to perform the same muscle groups. There are hack squats, v-squats, traditional squats, front squats, and so on. If you want to learn how to perform a particular squat, you can search on Google for pictures that show the full range of motion of how to perform a particular squat. You can also search for these diagrams with any exercise you want to attempt. On the alternative, a better option for most people is to seek help from a personal trainer who can guide you through the proper movement on how to perform an exercise and correct for any imbalances.

Develop all muscle groups:
The major muscle groups of the body are arms, shoulders, chest, back, and legs. However, there are many auxiliary muscle groups that are forgotten, including forearms, abdominal region, the rear shoulder muscles above the back muscles, calves, and so on. These auxiliary muscles are crucial for your development of an overall physique. To gain better grip strength, it’s essential to train your wrists and forearms to gain better grip strength to perform compound movements such as deadlifts and bench press. To have strength to perform any exercise with correct form, it’s vital to train the auxiliary muscles in addition to the major muscle groups.